A Profound Journey

All in less than half a lifetime

For Beginners Only

The ABCs of sexual orientation

The Bishops & The Elders

And the vindication of retiring liberationists

“Ex-Gay.”  Is There Such a Thing?

Extensive coverage of this topic here...

The Sad Lives of Colin Cook

“Twenty years of thrashing around in the swamp....”

The City of Sodom

It may have been destroyed, but it won’t go away

Gay Marriage

It’s here. Will it destroy the fabric of our society?

Rain on My Parade—Please!

Plus: explaining the weirdos

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

Extensive coverage of this topic here

What a great distillation of the countless synonyms and dissections of these concepts! As the Chicago Tribune said, pondering these classical concepts makes one a more thoughtful human being—or want to become one. Give yourself a gift: enjoy “the excitement of intellectual revelation, the dynamics of discovery, the thrill of insight” (Christian Science Monitor) by acquiring Adler’s discussion of the classic Six Great Ideas. Note: this book isn’t about anything gay—it’s a book about how to think about what we judge by and what we act on. I’m plugging it on this page because guiding principles are always better than prejudices and gut feelings on difficult issues.


Philosopher Mortimer Adler, of Encyclopedia Britannica, used to talk about six great ideas:

Truth, Goodness and Beauty—the ideas we judge by.

Liberty, Equality and Justice—the ideas we act on.

All articles by Larry Hallock:

For topics specifically related to the SDA Church, go here.

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