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All articles by Larry Hallock:

The Kinship


    For every Christian denomination, there’s a support organization for gay people. Mainstream churches tend to officially recognize or even sponsor those organizations, while the more conserv-ative ones do not. SDA Kinship Interna-tional, Inc. is not officially recognized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but many movers and shakers in the denomination support it unofficially.

        I attended Kinship’s historic first conference in 1980 and then held various board positions in the organization for more than a decade—public relations, church liaison, vice president.... Projects included a meeting with the Special Assistant to the President of the world church; meeting over time with the editor of the church’s youth paper, influencing a landmark issue that addressed the topic more candidly and fairly than ever before; managing a project that put infor-mational material into the hands of thousands of SDA pastors and educators; interviewing and writing about Colin Cook and his Homosexuals Anonymous program; manning an “800” hotline advertised on college campuses; writing an article for Spectrum; and successfully petitioning the White Estate to change a heading in an EGW book that misrepresented the content.

        All of this afforded contact with persons in administrative and educative positions high in the official Church, in connection with our efforts to bring the Church up to speed on this subject. Maybe if it understood better, it would treat us better. Most of what you see here came out of all of that, as documented through the pages of our journal, The Kinship Connection. So this material is rather dated; much has changed in the world and in mainstream churches since then.

        But fundamentalist and evangelical churches have not changed much, nor do I expect them to, for that is the nature of the beast. You’re not much of a fundamentalist if you gloss over certain pet proof texts du jour. I think the best we can hope for is that they acknowledge the distinction between sexual orientation and sexual behavior. That could foster a mitigation of the horrible ways conservative churches typically treat gays and the subject of homosexuality generally. (But don’t get your hopes up.)

        By the late 1990s my personal spiritual journey had taken me beyond the church of my up-bringing and Christianity itself (which explains certain inconsistencies between what I wrote earlier and later). I could wish to have taken that journey much earlier, sparing myself a great deal of time and energy. But surely my contributions were helpful at the time, and are perhaps still helpful to a lesser degree (being so dated) to those still in the faith. Meanwhile, my patience with the agenda and behaviors of organized religion, and fundamentalism in particular, has worn extremely thin.  -LH

March on Washington, 1993. © Larry Hallock

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