Top ten      personal sites
for creativity and / or content

        Matt’s fun travel site (and don’t miss the FAQs)

        The very artistic Charles Le’s fascinating site (be sure to visit his hilarious shop too)
Top ten      commercial sites 
for website animation and / or content

        Can you keep up with what’s happening here?
        Short & sweet.
        The colossal Airbus 380 is assembled, tested, flown in 14 short videos (visit “Upper Lounge” too!)
Top ten helpful sites
for information and reference

        WikiHow—The How-To Manual. How to do almost anything under the sun.
        Calendars. List of almost any kind of calendar for any century you want.
                Ride sharing, at
                Free online guide to finding the cheapest airfares
My friends’ sites

        Vickie Danielsen—Artist on canvas and in photography, lathe turning and graphic design.
        Kevin Gepford—Pinhole photographer, traveler, graphic artist, website designer.
        Marcus’ Haven—Photographer and thoughtful guy with much to share.
        Jerry Richard, Jr.—Truly great musician, podcaster too, and friend to my soul.

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