On a lighter note, let 
Uncle Jay explain how
hard Congress works...


The Problem with Bright People   (Will link to this article when it is completed)

I’m for low taxes, small government and individual rights...

                                              ...So why am I not a Republican?

Definition of a just war—in 10 words or less

“Forget how to think about ‘em.

I’d just like to get ‘em


Aren’t “”liberty” and “freedom” the same thing?

The following are my own ideas, from scratch—for what they’re worth.

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This closet can be organized!

Start with just these six...

    Top Three Things 
     that feed those threats:                    

         1. Culture of violence and greed

         2. Culture of fundamentalism

         3. Culture of apathy—the worship of comfort & laziness
    Top Three Things 
     that are NOT the problem:
         1. The right and responsibility of adults (not government) to make
                    personal decisions about pregnancy in its early stages.

         2. Homosexuality. It’s not about what gender turns you on—
                    it’s about who you are and how you behave.

         3. Godlessness. It’s not about whether you believe in the supernatural— 
                    it’s about who you are and how you behave.

    Top Three Threats 
     to our way of life and well-being:

          1. The dismantling of our democracy & freedoms, together with the inevitable
                    consequences (to OUR country) of the rise of the cult of the military.

          2. Healthcare — the crime we commit against ourselves.

          3. Big Business without a conscience — greed amok, trashing our country.


It’s more than politics,

it’s our lives.


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