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Photo: Unknown. Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, AL

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Why we should stop calling people racist  (draft in progress, not posted yet)

The only people who think of themselves as racist are those who are, and know it, and are proud of it—to them it’s a compliment. Forget them, they won’t change; they don’t even want to. As for the rest of us, most of us in the majority don’t intend to be racist and don’t think we are. So anyone addressing “racists” isn’t talking to us. Yet most of us are totally oblivious to the subtleties of racism with which we routinely burden others by perpetuating them unconsciously. And what’s this about “white privilege”? Most of us would deny we benefit from any sort of privilege at all. What IS it, anyway?  I mean, WE worked HARD for what WE got! Using up-to-date examples, this article attempts to raise awareness of the subtleties of racism routinely engaged in by people who wouldn’t dream of being racist.


Pilgrimage to the South

(Article not keyed in, yet.)


Forty Minutes in Selma

Until justice rolls down like waters...


Water, representing justice, flows over the names of

martyrs carved in granite at the Civil Rights Memorial

in Montgomery, AL. See more photos and watch the Chicago Children’s Choir sing around the memorial here.