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Travel Slideshows

Photos by Larry Hallock

—  Movie format, with soundtracks —

Antarctica & Arctic Circle

Antarctica is a land of superlatives: it is the highest, the windiest, the

coldest and the driest land on earth—and by many accounts, the most

beautiful.  xx minutes  

Beautiful Ethiopia

Less than two percent of visitors to Ethiopia go to the tribal areas.

Most go to the areas pictured in this slideshow.  xx minutes

No Matter What

Who would believe this Frank Lloyd Webber hit (huge in Europe) is

from a musical having absolutely nothing to do with what it seems?

But it’s great precisely for what it seems!  xx minutes

Tribal Ethiopia

There are few places left like this in the world, where tribal

attire and customs continue much as they have for centuries.

Advisory: photos of tribal people contain nudity. xx minutes

India & Nepal

I went to see India, but fell in love with Nepal on this trip.

(India limited to New Delhi and Agra.)   xx minutes


An exotic and enchanted land, home to many species of flora and

fauna found nowhere else in the world, including the lemurs.  xx minutes

Machu Picchu & other Peru: Cuzco, Puno, Lake Titicaca...

This “Lost City of the Incas” is one of the world’s great archeological

treasures. View it from atop that mountain (Wana Picchu) that towers

in the background of many photos of Machu Picchu.  xx minutes

Those wonderful old folks of Peru

One of my favorite slideshows. Some of us so enjoyed our visit to the

Old Folks Home that we returned another day, bringing bakery treats.

I will never forget them. Now, perhaps you won’t, either.   xx minutes

Luxury Train Ride

Not all cars on this train were created equal. Choose your ticket care-

fully for this 10-hour trip from Lake Titicaca to Cuzco, Peru, and live with

the consequences: $16 or $125.  xx minutes

Thailand (and other Asia)

The Grand Palace complex should be named the Eighth Wonder of the World.

But it’s the floating market that I like best.  xx minutes

Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach

Just a handful of beach pictures.  xx minutes

Around the World in 80 Slides

Favorite shots from here and there.  xx minutes

South Africa plus Victoria Falls and other southern Africa

We lived on a train for more than two weeks—not the luxurious Blue

Train, but close enough. We traveled at night, went on safaris and side

trips during the day (5 vehicles traveled with us on the train).  xx minutes

Children from Around the World

If only I’d planned on this slideshow starting with my first trip.... But I didn’t,

so it’s incomplete. But it’s one of my favorites, especially for its inclusion of

the “Prayer for Children” by Ina Hughs. It’s profound.  xx minutes

Repairing cleft lips & club feet in Ethiopia

You could spend a lifetime trying, and still not make a dent in the over-

whelming needs. But you can know certain lives were greatly changed

because you were there. It’s a great feeling.   xx minutes

Helping the indigent at a hospital in Peru

You don’t have to know medicine or speak Spanish to help. Volunteers

are always needed. And you make such great friends!  xx minutes

The Surgeries

Squeamish alert! Not for everyone, these are a few of the up-close photos

of surgeries I was asked to document during the second week of my hosp-

ital volunteer work in Peru. No sound; view at your own pace.  xx photos

1965 Three-Continent College Tour

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been imposing my slideshows on friends for four

decades. This one is notable for being so dated (college kids touring

Europe in suits!) and the diary of a horrendous journey to Mount Sinai.

That’s me in the picture; amazingly, I haven’t changed at all.  xx minutes

There’s a grief that can’t be spoken

A memorial to too many friends too soon lost. Even if you don’t know the

people, I think this one will speak to you.   xx minutes

“Slow Boat to China” —Brunch Cruise, 2007

Short, cutesy record of a Sunday morning brunch cruise—of interest

to those who were there, and for the great off-shore views of spectacular

Chicago.   xx minutes

Worlds Apart

I like the interracial overtones of kinship in this selection from the

Tony Award-winning musical of the year, Big River. So I paired it

with these beautiful faces from the internet.  xx minutes

River in the Rain

...Another favorite piece from the adventures of Huck Finn in the musical,

Big River. Life is like riding down this great river—it can destroy the things

we treasure, and yet...  Photos of various productions of this musical are

abundant on the internet.  xx minutes

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Monks, Thailand. © Larry Hallock of Chicago

Hear this song on YouTube (with flawed subtitles). Then check out this unique

performance with Pavarotti & children’s choir, or this with Brokeback Mountain visuals.

Winter World of Love  

Just fooling around with my new camera—of interest only to friends. 

xx minutes

Dairy Country  plus a house I worked on.     

In a word, rural Wisconsin is just plain wholesome—at least it seems so to

the senses and to the camera’s eye, whether in summer or in winter. Throw

in the little towns and the Amish, and it’s perfectly picturesque for pictures.

xx minutes

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