The Goat that Got Our Goat  (Ethiopia)

...Where flamboyant sunsets ticked off uneventful days of serenity.

Kodjo (Ghana, West Africa)

Trouble came

Veloma (India & Madagascar)

“Silver!” I say, knowing I lie.

A Different Set of Wheels (Ethiopia)

People from Addis Ababa to Yabelo might have wondered....

A Fragile Thread (Europe)

But can I see it in the morning from Milan?

Antarctic Log

My longest story—but will it ever get you there?

Forty Minutes in Selma

Until justice rolls down like waters...



Travel is fatal

    to prejudice,

         bigotry, and



             —Mark Twain

The travel story is not the same as travel writing. Perhaps it is because there exists some confusion, in the popular mind, between these separate genres.... A travel story is a work of fiction, self-contained, in a travel setting. Travel writing records an experience. 

                —Patricia Craig, Editor, The Oxford Book of Travel Stories

Arctic Circle, Greenland. © Larry Hallock of Chicago

Travel writing by Larry Hallock

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