Recommendations for any young person planning a life...

Where is this going? The whole concept might sound pompous, but hey, shouldn’t every mature adult offer this service? Wouldn’t every mature adult benefit from the endeavor?

I’d like to select and share some of the most positively-influential aspects of my life, which either occurred or that I wish had occurred, that I think might be beneficial to others. The listed items will probably all relate to the ultimate human goal of happiness, contentment, fulfillment—that sort of thing—and it seems to me that that goal can be approached only through, and please bear with its sounding so trite and mundane, learning and growing.

Different writers attempting such a list will focus on different things, prioritize differently and have different notions of how individuals might implement the pursuits they think are important. For example, in my item 3, I try to be clever in emphasizing that I think seeing the world and experiencing some degree of immersion into other cultures is an important, even essential, element of understanding the world and, therefore, oneself and one’s place in the world. If I can be that specific and creative in suggesting ways to achieve the ultimate said goal, then great.

Not that the young ever pay more than a microscopic amount of attention to proffered advice...! But who knows? Maybe anyone who ever reads my idea about the calendars (item 3) won’t easily forget it, even if they don’t act on it. And thus maybe just a grain of interest in travel—and therefore the ultimate rewards of it—will have been planted.

In a way, such a writing endeavor is a self-distillation and evaluation of one’s life, after some considerable experience with it. It analyzes insights, regrets, druthers, priorities; and doing it well is facilitated by the very process of making the whole thing organized enough to be sharable without too much embarrassment over its content, its presentation or its inherent public self-undressing.

So prudence requires that it not be rushed.

Patience.... patience!