Most amazing video ever: On safari—a story of winning against all odds.

“The Story of a Sign”  (4 min. short film)

“Golden Power” duo demonstrate incredible acrobatic strength: HERE and again HERE.

Grey animation series: Good Fellow  •  Christmas 1  •  Christmas 2  •  Birthday

Best vacation video ever set to music. (7 min.)

The End. Sometimes neither your friends nor your enemies are quite what

    what you expected. (Animated. 6 min. But you’ll want to see it twice.)

Voted Best Short Film in Europe (10 min.)

Paul Potts—ordinary-guy phone salesman brings audience to tears

    in Britain’s Got Talent, first here, and then in the final.

Ellen Degeneres phones Sally Kern, homophobic nutcake in the Oklahoma legislature.

Amazing reunion with lion raised by humans to adulthood & released into the African wild.

   Same lion again here.

   Also see: Lion hugs woman

Tales of Mere Existence. start with these two, then search for more in the series:

    I’m Not Going to Think About Her


Morphing women in art  •  Morphing actresses

Artistic: Amazing kite flying  • Parachutes as kite 

Sweetest little girl voice

Most amazing hole in one

Computer animation: Music Machine

Contortionist  *  and another one

Ventriloquist - and this - and this - and this - plus this woman. Check out Terry Fator too.

Human ventriloquist (slightly x-rated at end, but cute)

Quick-change artists

Lorenzo: The Flying French Horseman

Circus robot act

Just weird & fun (treadmill choreography)

Magic trick revealed (see how it works)

Grand Central Station Freezes (massive group performance art)

Weird, interesting animation

Animals: Funny dogs  •  Psychotic dog!  •  Security guards  •  Monkey & mirror  • 

Monkey teases tiger cubs  •   Cute little bear cub can’t stay awake        

Safari: Hippo tries saving impala

Resident Shrub: Hilarious State of the Union  •   The brightness of Bush  • Best Bush impersonator

Asian slow-motion skit

Talent show winner (head drops off)

How to fold a shirt

Mr. Bean (for fans only)

Japan’s practical joke on the world

Commercials: Sprite (so cute!) • Volkswagen (Da Da Da) • Language school (We’re sinking!) •

      BeerHundai (spotting husband on the road)

Volkswagen Transformer

Slow motion with high-speed camera on water balloons here and here.

Gay scientists isolate Christian gene

Evolution of Dance

Amazing robot dancer (second guy)  • 

Cute animations:  Cookie Blues  •  Alien Song  •  You Sexy Thing  •  Guitar & Marionette  • 

Great animation, if confusing story

The Thief


YMCA puppets—only one man is real

Michael Jackson marionette  •  Skeleton marionette  • 

Original Sunscreen video

Fun optical effect—well worth the full minute or two of concentration required.

Anita Bryant gets a pie. Whether she deserved it is one thing (opinions will differ), but her

    husband’s hypocrisy is another; if you don’t mean what you preach, why preach it?

Silly Ikea “Tidy Up” ads (“if not for yourself, for others”)

Here are a few less favorite videos.

Best Cosby Show scenes: (For quality, Cosby Show episodes can be rented through Netflix.)

Golden Anniversary Show   •  Vanessa falls for Robert  •  Is it a boy or girl?  • 

Claire sets Elvin straight  •  Theo’s teacher visits  •  Denise wants a car  •  Stevie Wonder  • 

Cliff in love w/Daryl Pt 1, -Pt 2, -Pt 3  •   Theo’s economics lesson w/Monopoly money  • 

Theo’s earring  •  Theo shuts out Grandpa  • Cliff’s diet •   Breakdancing party  • 

Weird foreign voice overlay  •

YouTube • SoundBites • WordBites
Entertaining YouTube...
Serious YouTube...

Inspirational four-finger pianist.

Ballet, short an arm & a leg

Stephen Wiltshire, the Living Camera—autistic savant draws perfect Rome

Tom Williams—amazing kid, amazing young adult. Type his name in the search field, if necessary.

Facial prosthetics replace half a face

Odessa Steps sequence from the 1925 silent movie Battleship Potemkin. Watch that link for more of the beginning

        and better quality; then watch this version to get English subtitles, different soundtrack and a little more of the

        ending. At Wikipedia, read about the history here, and about this classic, iconic film & scene here.


Mere words, but as fun as pictures & videos

The World’s Shortest Story  /  The Thermodynamics of Hell  /  The Exam to End All Exams

If you’re a wordsmith, or just love playing around with the English language, these oldies (but goodies!)

       will keep you busy for a while.

Fun & funny audio clips

Other Fun Stuff...

How poor are you? See pictures of what these families around the world eat in a week, and compare costs.

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