1. [To be drafted] One item in this list will be about nutrition, health, etc. It is so crazy not to establish habits of good eating and activities while young, and making them a part of one’s entire life... even things like not sitting on your leg wrong, so as to strain the knee (why wait until the knee starts bothering you later, to cure it, instead of treating it right all along... that sort of thing). I’ll incorporate some of the best links to health and diet info, perhaps including this one:

http://docs.google.com/View?docid=d43dchp_3tttbd8 (love the Editorial Postscript at the bottom, too).

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3. Upon graduating high school, buy a calendar picturing 12 scenes in this country or around the world—perhaps mountain scenes, for example. For each picture, sleuth out the location of the scene and travel there. Determine the exact spot where the photographer stood, and take your own snapshot of the same scene, composed precisely like the calendar picture. Go home and staple your snapshot to the corresponding calendar page. When the calendar is completed (years later), hang it on a special wall in your home. Buy your next calendar and repeat. Maybe pick lighthouses this time. Or quaint old passenger railways that you will ride, or civil rights landmarks, or tunnels, castles, lakes, national parks around the world.... You can work on several calendars at a time—maybe ten or twenty. Make it a game of skill, planning your trips to complete as many calendar pages as possible in the shortest amount of money and time. Make it a life-long hobby—it isn’t about time-frames (has nothing to do with the days or months on the calendar). When you’ve finished several calendars, many new wrinkles and pleasant new brain cells later, phone the country’s most prestigious newspaper and get in it! But most of all, enjoy the exceptional richness this unique hobby will have brought into your life.

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